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Berrenda Mesa, CA

Agricultural Screen at end of an aqueduct

Tracy, CA

Agricultural screen with top hood device at the end of a water canal pump system

Tulelake, CA

Agricultural Screen with conveyor system on an existing water canal

McFarlane, CA

Municipal Screen Project designed to fit our clients man made structure base

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Traveling water screens by International Water Screens. are complete water screen solutions. International Water Screens specializes in designing and manufacturing self cleaning traveling water screens and self-cleaning fish screens for water debris removal from your canal, river or reservoir. If you have debris in your water...we can remove it with our traveling water screen solutions!

Latest Projects

Check out our latest traveling water screens, self cleaning traveling water screens, self cleaning fish screens, debris screens and more.

New Water Screens

Our new traveling water screen installations worldwide include agricultural water screens, dairy water screens, municipal water screens, hydro power water screens, nuclear water screens, geo thermal water screens, secondary water traveling screens, inline canal water screens and fish screens.


IWS traveling screens are self-cleaning through flow type traveling screens.  The belting travels at a speed of 7-8 feet per minute.  The internal spray bar blows off the material on the back side of the screen that doesn't fall off voluntarily. See video of our screens in action here.

How to Make $$$ per Month with our screens

See how a water district makes $$$ per month with our screens

Self Cleaning Traveling Water Screens

Our Traveling Water Screens include self cleaning traveling water screens, self cleaning fish screens and debris screens.


Our screen retrofitting projects include retrofitting projects like abc screens, xyz screens etc.


See why our clients love us and how we have solved their water screen needs.

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